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The mission of Ariella Ministries is to train and equip the sons and daughters of God to rise
up in their God-ordained identity, rising up in their God-given authority.

More about the founder

Amanda gave her heart to Jesus as a small girl, and she grew from a shy, intimidated little girl to a warrior daughter of God as she pursued His presence and opened her heart for His love. His unconditional love and presence became her very source of strength, healing, and restoration. Being set free from the levels of rejection and inferiority that became a healthy lifestyle for her because of the childhood experiences she grew spiritually into a passionate woman of God who understands her worth and identity.

She, therefore, avails her life to equip and see the House of God being set free from a false identity that most of the times lead to a passive unfruitful Christian lifestyle. She lives to see the House of God arise as the powerful Warrior Bride He called her to be. Amanda moved to Standerton with her husband Barend and two sons Francois and SP in 1996. God imparted the sound of His heart for Standerton in her heart, and she became sold out to see the glory of God restored in her ‘city.’

Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Daughter of God & Nation Builder
Listen to Amanda's Audio Sermons

Listen to Amanda's Audio Sermons

When Jesus entered Jerusalem on the donkey, He came as the King of kings for the first time, representing Father God’s Kingdom. He had a particular focus, and that was to cleanse the temple and restore it as a House of Prayer for all Nations. We read about this critical time in history in Matthew 21:5-22.